Hello Sunshine Layout using yarn!

Yay, Saturday!

Here is another layout that I did for the NSD challenge over by @paigetaylorevans Facebook Group- Happy Scrappy Place. @steffiried is known for using yarn on her projects, she LOVES using yarn, her layouts are always so simple/clean but with so much texture- I love her style.

I won this challenge! it makes it extra special and I am still super happy – the joy that I get when you guys love my work . I can’t even explain .

Here I’m using BLOOM STREET by @paigetaylorevans also. I have to say I am in love with the collection. At the top for one of my favorites by Paige- I can’t stop using it.

And this is a start to using yarn- I loved it so much too, I love the look/feel of it. I will for sure add it to a few projects moving forward.

Shop for the Bloom Street Collection here https://www.scrapbook.com/store/products/?w=Bloom+Street+

Thank you @steffiried for the inspiration.

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