Hello Everyone,

My name is Conny Craig, I am short ,thick and CUTE ! ( Well I believe so in my own eyes) and I have CRAZY accent people seem to LOVE ( WINK WINK) . I was born in Colombia, Cali (Grew up there until I was ten years old) and then Moved to Belize . Both places are very colorful and beautiful in their own way . In Belize I started developing a love for pens,Glitter and Stickers ( I still really love stickers) and I can remember the first scrapbook that I did ,It was just a regular notebook and I wanted it to look pretty so I got a gift bag ( it was super green and Ugly)  and I wrapped it so it looked  like a gift was in there, in that scrapbook I Loved putting photos and stories of everything happening in my life at the moment .. Oh! and  Also wrote poems that I found  would  go with the story I was trying to tell.

But now I  live in Southern California and I’m married ( I met my husband in Belize)….. I don’t have any kids yet but hopefully in the future . I really enjoy crafts ,traveling and WINE . I hope to teach you or EVEN give you  ideas about how to enjoy the art of anything that you enjoy doing because we all get inspire by others. I don’t always have ideas of what I am about to make in advance , I am the type of person that I have to feel the project that I am doing or ELSE it will never get DONE..So whatever I am feeling that day is what I’m making, Sometimes I can start with a completely different idea from the one that I end up with, it happens 70% of the time!

So here on this blog, I’m just going to tell my story with photos or in any other way I can share what’s happening in my life…On Pretty paper of course !!! 🙂


Thank you for stopping by !