Hello Scrappy Friends,

My name is Conny Craig, I am short, thick and CUTE! ( Well I believe so in my own eyes) and I have CRAZY accent people seem to LOVE ( WINK WINK). I was born in Colombia, Cali (Grew up there until I was ten years old) and then Moved to Belize. Both places are very colorful and beautiful in their own way. In Belize I started developing a love for pens, Glitter, Stickers ( I still really love stickers) and I can remember the first scrapbook that I did ,It was just a regular notebook and I wanted it to look pretty so I got a gift bag ( it was super green and Ugly)  and I wrapped it so it looked  like a gift was in there, in that scrapbook I Loved putting photos and stories of everything happening in my life at the moment .. Oh! and  Also wrote poems that I found would go with the story I was trying to tell.

But now I  live in Southern California and I’m married ( I met my husband in Belize)….. I have a beautiful baby girl named Savanna, a doggy named Dobby and cute Guinea pig -Lulu. I really enjoy crafts, traveling, and WINE. I hope to teach you or EVEN give you ideas about how to enjoy the art of anything that you enjoy doing because we all get inspired by SOMEONE. 

So here on this blog, I’m just going to tell my story with arts and crafts or in any other way I can share what’s happening in my life…Pretty paper of course !!! 🙂


Thank you for stopping by!