You and Me| String Scrap Lift Layout!



Happy Saturday, 

It’s scrap lift Saturday, this is something new that I want to try, I thought it would be fun to get couple crafting friends from here on Instagram either to do a blog post, Instagram video or YouTube process video  and scrap lifting a project, whether that is for happy mail, memory dex card, embellishments, layouts, cards, travelers notes book whatever you are into.Let me know if
you would like to join the fun! you can scrap lift a project that I have done or from the ladies taking part of this or anyone that inspires you. Use the #scrapliftchallenge #getyourmojoback



 Sometimes we get stuck or we think too hard on what to create. There is no SHAME in scrap lifting specially if you love the idea/concept of it. I think it’s a fun idea to get your mojo back. Plus, you end up with something you know that you will love. We can shop around our stash, dig in those boxes of fun goodies waiting to be used. 

For my first project I decided to scrap lift the string layout – “that is what I am calling it” I am not sure if there is a proper name for it.  I have seen couple girls here on Instagram also on Pinterest with this idea. Pinterest is a good place to find new ideas and trends, at the end of the day. You scrap lift an idea but it’s going to turn completely different, depending on the embellishments you have, you can add your own little twist to it. 

You can focus on something you like the most on the project and start with that. Let me know if you would like to see a process video on Instagram, YouTube or a blog post every other Saturday of a scrap lift layout, card, embellishment or any project you suggest.

For this layout I am using the June Collection Denise by Felicity Jane and little pieces from other collection to add to the string. 

Would you guys be interested in seeing scrap lifts layouts, cards or embellishment on my blog or YouTube Channel? 

My inspiration for this project.

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