Hello, Planner Society Girl! 

Now, finally… I can welcome MYSELF to the planner community. It’s official for sure! I was looking around for a long time and I decided that I was going to try Planner Society. I got my FIRST kit – April kit and I was NOT disappointed. I’m in love with how versatile it is, With this kit, there is no limit to what you can do. I see myself using this not only on my We r memory keepers planner but also on layouts, snail mail, pocket letters, cards and much much more …Items:

  1. Notepads 
  2. Washi Tape 
  3. Ball point pen 
  4. Stamps 
  5. 12 Tabs and 4 sheets of clear sticker 
  6. Seguin’s 
  7. Note Cards 
  8. Die Cuts 
  9. Large Set of stickers 
  10. Embellishment Holder – Binder 
  11. Paper Clicks 
  12. Six sheets of paper – Double sided 
  13. Sticky note pads 

Thank you again for coming over to my BLOG … 
I can’t wait to show you the future projects…


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