My First December Daily !!!

Hey friends,

This is my first year trying December Daily and  it’s a little overwhelming  let me tell you ..You have to have everything planned out but if you are the type that  can’t  have everything planned out because you might change your mind every second, in this case, his is me and I have changed my mind about this project like twenty times already ( exaggerating a little  ) I am  just trying let you see how much I have changed my mind ….. I have decided to stop overthinking and just do it. I love creating tags and this is about the thousand time I have said this .. I love adding them to cards,12 by 12  layouts or any project that I am working on …

So,  here is a look at DAY ONE from my  FIRST December Daily Scrapbook… for this scrapbook  I am going be using the HipKitClub November Kits from 2015-2016 they just go together so well and another collection but I will let you know as the pages get done and  I am also thinking that I won’t have a story to tell every day .. But I will do like fun little questionnaires or projects so I can see over the years to come, How I have  changed or the people around me  …

Thank you so much for coming over and I hope you get inspired to create fun projects… 

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