Sabor Summer Bouquet


Hi Friends,

Today I am here to share this beautiful Summer Bouquet to decorate your home using the Amor and Ole Collection from Sabor Papel ,Flowers are beautiful but they only stay  beautiful for a short time . I wanted to create something that I can add to my dining table to make it more colorful. They are really easy to make and you can add your own twist to it.

This is what you need:

1. Chop Sticks or Kabob Wood Skewers

2. Vase ( I got my one from the 99 cents store)

3. Paint

4. Circle Cutter

5. Twine

6. Hot Glue Gun

7. Pebbles ( I got it from the 99 cents Store)

8. Sabor Papel CardStock (Amor and Ole Collection)

9. Silhouette Cameo  or  Scissors


First, you can start by coloring the chopsticks or Kabob Wood Skewers. I used the chopsticks cause that is what I had a home . I painted the sticks different colors to make them more unique.

For one of the flowers, you can start by drawing a circle,it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle and then you cut and roll the spiral shape. You can use hot glue or Tombow liquid Glue.

Here is a photo 13446113_1080816738677772_2026063062_o13405551_1080789702013809_2045933247_o (1)

For the other if you don’t have a cutting machine you can also draw them and cut them out but since I have one I used my cutting machine. Start gluing everything together, I used my hot glue gun to glue all the flowers to the Chopsticks.

To make the bouquet look full you can adjust the length of the Chopsticks or Kabob Wood Skewers by breaking them in half. ( I used my hands to break them- be careful don’t get hurt!! )


Thank you for Stopping by and please check out the gallery to see more projects using Sabor Papel for more inspiration and to pick up paper from their collections.

Besitos !



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