Bob Marley – Birthday Card

Hi Guys, 

Today is my father-in-law birthday and he loves Bob Marley and I  wanted to create a card that  he  would absolutely  love. ORIGINAL- ONE OF A KIND  !!

So I went to look around – I found the maracas in the Silhouette Store …But I couldn’t find anything for Bob Marley .so I had to look for free  PNG image, I came across a lot of them but they didn’t cut good or it had really low resolution ..  I came across this one – Bob Marley Graphic Image.


It was still saying low resolution but I got it to work after I trace it and used the high pass filter on it.  I took the face off because  it looked really weird and  I added the red and green card stock in the face, to make it yellow , red and green. 

Thank you for stopping by I really appreciate it .

Scroll down to see more photos. 



BOB MARLEY - png.png 2



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