New Planner and Stationary!

I don’t know about you but I think planners are really cute and you can use them in so many ways . some people use them for memories, reminders or just for a diary . I love using planners to remind me of things that I did or things I am going to do .. I got a new planner from Webster Pages and I love it . Not only because of the way is set up inside but also the color .. I LOVE the color.. ( My favorite color)Plus it’s going to help me stay organize and that for me is a BIG thing, trying to remember what I need to do or when I need to do it. ( I need help all the time )

A planner can be expensive but if you wait until they are on sale you can get them for a good deal …or Make your own .. or they also have free planners online . You just have to do what works for you …

If you don’t wanna get all the stickers and all the little things that people have to make it look really pretty and cute .. (because it’s soo expensive .. eventually!) You can get a cute paper pad from Michaels , Hobby Lobby or any other local store you have around . All those places usually have good coupons and at the end it will only cost you about four bucks or less . Oh !! AND Target has really cute planner accessories for cheap at the Dollar spot if you really want to save MONEY !

Let me know which one is your favorite planner in the comments..

Thank you for stopping by !!





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